How to Navigate Your Administrator Insight Dashboard

Welcome to the Insights Dashboard! 


District Managers and Administrators have access to a homepage when they log in to their Paper accounts. The Insights Dashboard features data on how Paper is being utilized by students across the board.




Educational leaders can narrow the presented data by adjusting the date range or filtering by grade level. District managers can also view school-specific information to gain a deeper insight into each site’s progress.


Usage Charts


The Total Usage Over Time line graph above shows all learning moments providing a bird’s eye view of overall student usage.


The Average Usage by Day chart conveys the days that are the most popular to get help, including weekends. 


Because Paper offers 24/7 support, it is interesting to see how many students have late-night sessions compared to during the day. 


The Total Usage by Grade Level chart allows principals, counselors, and district managers to observe which grade level has the most usage. 


Looking for more details? Just click the “i” next to the section title to read more information. 




The pie chart displays the 4 most requested topics (make sure to hover over the “other” section to see a list of all topics being requested). 


In addition, the admin can view the total number of one-on-one sessions that have taken place and the amount of essays that have been uploaded and downloaded by students. 

Log in now to check out how your students are doing so far!

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