How to use emoji reactions during tutoring sessions

Emojis add a fun and easy way to interact with tutors during your tutoring session. If you have worked with a Paper tutor before, you know you are able to send emojis within your messages to tutors. These can be helpful in making you feel comfortable in your conversation and getting your message across to the tutors.

Now, you also have the ability to react to a tutor’s message with emojis! These options will make it easier for you to communicate to the tutor when you are understanding or having a hard time following their explanation.

What are the emojis and how do I use them during a session?

When you start a tutoring session, you will now see an emoji button next to your tutors’ messages. Click on the emoji button to view your emoji options.

Thumbs Up 

Use the “thumbs up” button to let the tutor know you are understanding their explanation. For example, if their explanation was clear or they gave an example that helped you understand something better, you can give their message a thumbs up. This will let them know you are following and are on the right track to solving your question together.

Question Mark 

Remember it’s ok to let tutors know if you are confused! Use the “question mark” emoji whenever you are having trouble with a tutor’s explanation. This will let them know to check your understanding, phrase their questions or explanations in a different way or provide a different example.v

Tips for using emoji reactions 

  • Don’t be shy about using them! Using them will guide tutors to help you in a way that works for you  
  • Try to use emojis when it’s appropriate. Remember that these emojis are meant to let tutors know when their explanations are clear or when they should provide clarifications. Use them as a tool to make sure you get the most of your tutoring session
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