Study for exams by reviewing your session history

Did you know that you have access to all of your previous conversations with Paper tutors? Session History allows you to look over previous sessions in case you need to review tutor explanations you might have forgotten. You can use this feature as an extra set of notes to review for concepts and help you practice questions. Here’s how to find session history on your student dashboard: 


Go to your Paper account. Click on “Chat” in the top menu and then select “History”. 


All your previous sessions will be on the left of your chat screen. You can go all the way back to questions asked at the beginning of the semester. This is especially helpful if you are reviewing for a final exam! You can scroll through your sessions and click on “Load More” to load older sessions.


While reviewing your sessions, you will still be able to see and click on all pictures and drawings shared during the conversation to allow you to look closer at those step-by-step explanations. 


When organizing your materials to start studying, be sure to include your tutors’ explanations. If you run into concepts that still need clarification or practice problems you need help solving, remember you can always start a new session with a tutor! Just go back to your main student dashboard and select the course you need help with. You can let the tutors know you are preparing for an exam, so they can help walk through your questions and ensure you are comfortable with each concept.

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