Intervention Trackers

Paper's tutoring services can be used as an intervention tool for struggling students. Whether due to chronic absences, learning gaps, or other academic challenges, many students may benefit from mandated tutoring. 

Teachers can use the single subject tutoring tracker to set expectations of how many times per week they would like students to work with a Paper tutor. This could be to work on missing assignments, review for exams, ask questions on assignments, group projects, etc. This tracker will easily allow students to keep track of their reflections and for teachers to see if the extra academic support is making a difference. If needed, teachers can also request that parents sign the tracker as an extra measure of accountability. 

Counselors can similarly use the multiple subject tutoring tracker for students who require additional support in more than one class. This could be especially useful for students to ensure they stay on track to meet graduation requirements. 

To use these trackers, select "File" on the top menu, then "Download" as a Word doc or PDF. Happy studying! 

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