Using Mote to reflect on tutor feedback


How do I get my students to use writing feedback from Paper’s Essay Reviewers?



So, your students have uploaded their drafts to Essay Review. Awesome! The first step is done. Now, the hard part: ensuring that students edit their writing before submitting a final draft to you. 

Many students are new to the idea that the writing process is an ongoing exercise. Writing is more than putting together a first draft--it is ongoing brainstorming, organizing, getting feedback, and editing. That’s why it’s important to build routines that teach students the importance of revision. A few ways you can do this are:

  • Using a grading rubric to evaluate how much of the feedback a student is actually implementing
  • Having students fill out a written reflection on how they used the tutor’s comments
  • Requiring that students highlight/color code the changes they make to their final drafts.

One more tool you can utilize is the Google Chrome Extension Mote to allow students to leave voice notes on their Google Docs. This will let them add a comment on their doc where they can share a recording of themselves explaining the changes they made and why they made them. This metacognitive strategy will force students to think about their own writing and document that progress as they go along. Here is an example of what this looks like.

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