Tips for catching up on school work

As a student, you have a lot on your plate. With everything you need to balance, falling behind on classwork can happen sometimes. However, it is important to catch up on missing assignments as soon as possible before they accumulate. Here are some tips to help you catch up: 

  • Make a list 
    • Collect all of your missing assignments so you don’t miss any. This will help you get organized to manage each one of your assignments
  • Check which assignments can be turned in 
    • Some assignments might not be graded if they are late, but that’s ok! Make sure to confirm with your teacher which assignments you can still turn in. That way you can focus your time on work that can still boost your grade 
  • Make a plan 
    • Now that you have a solid list, organize how you want to tackle your assignments. A good way to do this is by noting down how much time you estimate each assignment will take. This will give you an idea of how much time you should set aside to complete these assignments
  • Balance your task load 
    • Remember that besides catching up on work, you will also need to complete homework that is due soon. Be sure to schedule enough time to work on all assignments, but also leave time for breaks and leisure activities. It’s all about balance! 
  • Prevent falling behind again  
    • Keep organized and stick to a schedule to make sure you don’t fall behind again. Calendars are a good way to keep track of assignments and have a visual representation of upcoming due dates 
  • Study with a tutor!
    • Though the task of catching up on work might seem daunting, you are not alone! Remember you have unlimited access to Paper tutors who can help with any subject at any time. Paper tutors are a great resource to help you catch up on work and get the best grades possible! 

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