Getting tutor feedback on Microsoft Sway projects

Microsoft Sway is Microsoft’s presentation program that allows users to create reports, presentations, newsletters, resumes, stories, and much more. Many teachers use Sway as a platform for students to create beautiful projects using the pre-made templates and user-friendly editing tools. 

Paper Tutors can assist students who are working on such projects on this platform. If students are creating any sort of document on Sway, all students have to do is download the file as a PDF. They can do so by following the steps below:

     1. Click on the 3 buttons on the top right corner of the menu


     2. Choose “Export”

     3. Choose “PDF” 


     4. The document will be saved in your “Downloads” folder of a computer or laptop or the “Files” folder of an iPad or Chromebook. 

Next, students will need to log in to their Paper account to get support. If students are looking for feedback on their writing, they can upload their document to Essay Review to get a holistic review on spelling, grammar, idea development, structure, format, and the works. If students need help with creating the content of their project, they are welcome to start a Live Help session with a tutor in the subject area they need help with. For example, if a student is working on a history report, they can open a History session to ask questions and get feedback on their assignment.

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