How can Paper support SPED classes?


How can Paper support SPED classes?



There are many ways in which SPED classes can benefit from Paper's services. Here are a few tips to help all types of learners get started:

  • Speech to text guide: If students struggle with typing sentences or reading skills, this speech to text article includes ways that students can enable dictation features on their devices to transcribe their questions and Google extensions that are compatible with our platform. 
  • Tips and Tricks resource: Our online learning guide (available in English and Spanish) provides examples of sentence starters that can be used in conversations with tutors. 
  • Other resources: We also have articles that include step-by-step directions and GIFs on how to upload files and download Google Docs as PDFs.

In addition to these resources, parental support also plays a huge role in supporting SPED students. Although parents do not have their own Paper accounts, parents are encouraged to log in side-by-side with their students. Parents can help facilitate conversations, upload files, and navigate through the platform. This can make a big different to build student confidence when trying out a new resource and working with new tutors online, which in turn will lead to tutoring success.




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