Introducing Paper during Advisory

Advisory classes are a fantastic way to introduce Paper to your students. For that reason, we have created a few Paper Activities catered to social-emotional learning that you can use with your students. This will kill two birds with one stone: teaching students important life skills and getting them comfortable with using a new platform. 

Keep in mind that these lesson plans are merely suggestions--feel free to adjust the topics or expectations accordingly. This is just an easy way to plug-and-play an activity to get your students started, or to incite inspiration to create your own activity! 

Feel free to explore the different advisory activities here:

If you wish to use the activity, simply make a copy of the Google Doc:

  • Select "File" 
  • Select "Make a copy" to copy onto your own drive. This will allow you to edit the activity to better suit your classes' needs and curriculum as you see fit. 
  • You can then download the document and distribute to your students as you normally would!
  • Alternatively, you can assign one of these activities by uploading the document to Paper Assign.   

For any questions or suggestions about Paper Class Activities, please don't hesitate to contact

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