Adding Paper to Flipgrid Assignments

Flipgrid is a video discussion platform used by students from prekindergarten to the PhD level.

 If you have an assignment where you are asking students to use Flipgrid, you can remind students to use Paper to receive any extra support or help while working on their assignments.

 Teachers can provide students with a direct link to Paper through two main ways on Flipgrid: 


Add Paper to your assignment description 

  1.   Enter your Grid and select your topic or assignmentimage1.png
  2. Click on edit on the right hand side of your assignment page 



     3. Add a direct link to Paper at the end of the assignment’s description

Example of text: If you need extra support on this assignment, you can reach out to a tutor: 


Add paper as an attachment to the assignment 

     1. On the edit page of your assignment, scroll down to attachments and add the link to Paper. 


     2. On the assignment description students will be able to view the description of the assignment and a link that will take them to their student login


If you would like to add contacting Paper as parting of the grading criteria of the assignment, you can add contacting a tutor as a criteria. 

     1. On the edit page of the assignment, scroll down to feedback. Click on add criteria 


     2. Add Essay Review, or asking a tutor as a criteria, you can add a description of the criteria and also the score. 



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