Evaluating How Students Are Using Paper’s Essay Review

Once your students have learned all about Paper and feel comfortable uploading files, a great next step is to evaluate how well students are using the tutor’s feedback on their writing. 

One way to do this is by using a Standards-based Rubric aligned to Common Core standards of revising and editing. With this rubric, you can ensure that students are not only submitting their writing to be reviewed, but actually doing the next--and most important--step: using the suggestions to improve their own writing! 



Click here to see secondary and elementary level templates. 


How to check if students submitted their essays to Paper

  1. Log in to your Paper account
  2. On your teacher dashboard, click the “Activity” tab on the top menu
  3. Click the “Essays” tab to see all student submissions

How to see if students applied tutor feedback

Continuing from the above instructions:

  1. Choose a specific student’s name under “Essays”
  2. Under the general comments, click “Download Reviewed Essay” to see the detailed comments from tutors added to the student’s first draft
  3. Compare your student’s final draft to their first and their revisions

NOTE: To make this final step a bit more transparent, you can ask students to highlight any revisions they have made to their final drafts before submitting them to you for their final grade.

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