Incorporating Paper into Homework Assignments


How can teachers incorporate Paper into their homework assignments?



Many teachers upload homework assignments for their students via their school Learning Management System (LMS) such as Schoology, Seesaw, Skedula, Canvas, Blackboard, etc.

Teachers have found success by requiring that students complete part of their homework assignment with a Paper tutor. Teachers can add a link to Paper’s website on each assignment and even make note of which problems should be worked through with a tutor. It is best to include your school's custom login link for student convenience.


Teachers can keep students accountable for using Paper on homework assignments by making this step a mandatory part of their grade. This could fall into a percentage of the assignment itself, a participation grade, or even a technology grade. 

Teachers can check if students worked with a tutor by logging into their dashboard and clicking the “Activity” tab on the top menu. Alternatively, some teachers have also asked students to send in screenshots of their conversations with tutors as part of the assignment directions to confirm that they logged on to Paper!



By requiring students to get additional support on their independent practice, students will have a chance to explain their thinking, ask questions, and leave sessions with confidence that they understand challenging topics and concepts.

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