Elementary Paper Activities

Elementary Paper Activities are a great way to introduce your students to Paper. 

You are more than welcome to assign your own worksheets as well--these are just some examples of the common types of questions that many students work on with tutors. We highly recommend requiring students to complete an activity on Paper during Launch Week as homework so that students can become acquainted with the Live Help and Essay Review features. 

These activities are catered towards students in grades 1-5. This pack includes a variety of worksheets for writing, math, science, geography, and language arts. 

If you wish to use the activity, simply make a copy of the Google Doc:

  • Select "File" 
  • Select "Make a copy" to copy onto your own drive. This will allow you to edit the activity to better suit your classes' needs and curriculum as you see fit. 
  • You can then download the document or share it with your students!  

For any questions or suggestions about Paper Class Activities, please don't hesitate to contact teachers@paper.co.

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