How can my students use Paper effectively for arts, music, and other electives?


How can my students use Paper effectively for art, music, and other electives?



Paper is not only a resource for core content areas; it is also a great tool for electives such as art history, music theory, film, theater, etc. 

Live help:

If students are confused about a Shakespearean play, a period in art history, or analyzing a piece of art or film, they can always turn to a Paper tutor to help them with tasks such as: 

  • Analyzing characters and plot in a film or play
  • Describing major artists and works
  • Understanding the scope and context of art history
  • Working through text-based questions
  • Criticizing or analyzing a piece of art
  • Learning concepts in music theory 

Students can ask their question in the box under "What's the question you need help with?" or click "Ask any Tutor" to be connected with the best available expert. 


Essay Review:

Students can submit any piece of writing to Essay Review, including short responses, essays, and creative writing such as screenplays and short stories. Whether it’s an outline, a rough draft, or a polished final product, tutors LOVE reading the powerful stories students create, so please send them our way! 

Once students submit their work on Essay Review, a tutor will review and provide comments to the student within a 24-hour window. Always remind students to include the assignment directions and a grading rubric if provided.

If you teach an elective that is not covered by our tutors, your students can definitely still get help on their writing assignments, but you won't be able to see when students submit their writing on your teacher dashboard. You can always require students to submit the annotated feedback from their tutor if you'd like to see proof of their submissions. You can use directions like the ones here: 


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