STEM Activities

PAPER Activities were designed to be like any other lesson plan you might use in your classroom. Each activity has both teacher and student instructions that are easy to follow and implement. 

Click on the titles below to open the activities. 

If you wish to use an activity, simply make a copy of the Google Doc by selecting "file" then "make a copy". This will allow you to edit the activity to better suit your classes' needs if you wish to. For any questions about Paper Class Activities, please don't hesitate to contact


Empty Outline Activity 

Students will work together and reflect on a recently learned topic or concept. This will give them the opportunity to assess their own understanding and will help with retention. 


Create an Animal Activity: Science

This activity will help students to learn about the 6 biomes and apply their knowledge of adaptations to create an animal that can survive in a particular biome


Exam Prep Activity: Science 

This activity makes reviewing for an exam or assessment fun and competitive. 


Exam Prep Activity: Math

 This activity makes reviewing for an exam or assessment fun and competitive. 


Jigsaw Learning Activity: Science 

This activity is a great way to help students review and retain information. 


Muddiest and Clearest Point Activity: STEM

This activity is designed to help students better assess their own understanding of class material.



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