How can students use Paper most effectively for math?

Live help is the best tool to use for a math problem.

When using live help, there are a few things students need to keep in mind.


  • They should come prepared with a clear idea of what they are working on. For example, it’s okay to come online and say to a tutor “My teacher went over X today and I really didn’t get it”. If they have a specific question too then great. If they come online and say “Hi, I don’t understand math”, it’s going to be a little more difficult for the tutor to get to the bottom of what they need help with.
  • Tutors don’t have access to their course materials. So they should make sure they have all the materials that needed handy.
  • They have tools like the whiteboard and file sharing to help them send questions to the tutor.
  • They should always be honest with their tutor about where they are at... The tutor will meet them there. That way, they can progress through the question together.



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