How do I use my tutor’s feedback?

Here are some tips to help you better use your tutor's feedback from Essay Review:


Read the comments carefully.

  • Read the ‘general comments’. In this section, tutors both summarize what you’ve done well, as well as point out where you should specifically focus your attention to improve your writing, not just for this specific assignment, but also for the future! 
  • Carefully go over the feedback left as comments within your assignment. Be sure to read all feedback before making any changes. 
  • Take some time to reflect on what the tutor is suggesting and think about why it will make your work better. This will ensure that the changes you make actually work, and you’ll have confidence knowing that you will not repeat the same mistakes!

Start with the positive. 

When you get your work back you will quickly notice that your tutor will have provided you with both positive and constructive feedback. Start by reading your positive feedback. Knowing what you did some parts really well will keep you motivated and will help you understand what you should keep doing right when you start to make your changes.

Ask Questions. 

If there are parts of your feedback that you do not understand, or you do not know how to make the appropriate changes, don’t be shy to ask for some help or clarification. You can start a new Live Help session and ask a tutor about the comments or feedback that you need more help with, and they can guide you through it. 



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