How do I encourage passive students to engage with Paper?

As with any new classroom initiative, some students will take it to it quickly while others might be more hesitant. If you notice students in your classroom who you feel could benefit from PAPER’s features but are neglecting to do so, you can try these strategies:

  • Make PAPER a part of your Assignments. Including PAPER in the instructions of some of your assignments could encourage students to use the platform. We have found that once students are familiarized with PAPER they become more likely to use it on future assignments. Some students just need initial guidance from their teachers before they see the benefits PAPER can have on their learning. 
  • Try PAPER Activities. PAPER Activities were designed as ways to help teachers seamlessly integrate PAPER into their classroom, and help their students engage with the platform. They are available for multiple subjects and easy to use. They can be a great way for you to introduce PAPER to your students, or to help facilitate your lesson.
  • Add Essay Review to your rubric. Essay Review provides students with helpful feedback within 24hrs on any of their written work. This means various essays, short stories, longer assignments, and even lab reports! Including Essay Review in your rubric will encourage students to use it, which will greatly benefit their learning and help cut down on your grading time. 
  • PAPER Redo. As you probably already know all too well, students love incentives. A great way to have your students get onto PAPER is by offering them the chance to redo a question they got wrong on a quiz. A PAPER tutor will help them work through the problem, helping them get to a better understanding of where they went wrong and how to fix it.  You can even have the student fill in our Tutoring Log and submit it along with their work. Download our tutoring log here.
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