Paper for Distance Learning: STEM

PAPER is a useful tool to help your students while they are learning from home. 


Live Help:

Live Help provides students with 24/7 unlimited access to a tutor when they need some extra support. This means teachers can rest easy knowing that students will have additional support when working through classroom material. Live Help can guide students with:

  • Content and application clarification.  Students can use Live Help to get guidance and feedback while working independently and find themselves stuck on a concept or its application. This means students needn't worry about being overwhelmed by course content or assignments. Unlimited access to a tutor allows them to work at their own pace and ensures they understand all material before moving on to new content. 
  • Help with developing student agency.  PAPER offers students a secondary resource where they can work independently while still receiving trusted support. Tutors do not provide answers, but rather guide students by asking the right questions and prompting students to do the same. This helps students with both classwork and with developing the tools to be better independent learners. 
  • Help with exam prep. As much as we would love to think otherwise, rather than studying dutifully for the few weeks before an exam, students will always try to cram two months worth of material into one single night. While this usually causes much worry and distress, students can rest a little easier with help from PAPER. With unlimited 24/7 access students can access a tutor’s help and have any last minute questions or points of confusion clarified, and help ease those “night before the exam nerves”. 


Essay Review:

Essay Review is actually really useful in science class! Although students may not be writing “essays”, Essay Review will give them feedback on lab reports or any other written work. Comprehensive tutor feedback will help students know whether they are on the right track or not before handing in work for grading.  

Reminder: Essay Review always works best when students include assignment instructions and/or rubric as tutors will know exactly what is expected and be able to give level appropriate feedback.






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