Make Live Help tutoring sessions a part of regular study habits

Live Help tutoring sessions are a great way to help students with studying in over 200 subjects. If students encounter any issues or stumbling blocks in their work they can instantly connect to a tutor for live help. 

Here are some ways that you can get students started in a Live Help chat and help make it a routine part of their studies. 

  • Incorporate using Live Help into your assignment. Making Live Help an important part of an assignment will allow students to familiarize themselves with the platform. Once students use it a few times they will be able to see the direct benefit it has on their schoolwork and begin to use for future assignments. 
  • Allow students a redo. Offering students the opportunity to redo a question they got wrong on a quiz with help from a tutor could be just the incentive they need to get started. 
  • Make it part of a lesson. Because Live Help allows students instant access to a tutor, it can be seamlessly integrated into a live classroom lesson. Having students work on Live Help in class means that they can navigate the platform in a familiar environment. This can be very helpful for more hesitant students and can make your lesson planning a little easier when students can work more independently and still be supported.



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