Adding Essay Review into your rubric

Essay Review is a great tool for both teachers and students. Students will benefit from having a secondary source from which they can receive feedback, helping them think more critically about their work. Teachers benefit by having a second set of eyes view student’s work, making the initial correcting process much more streamlined. 

Incorporating Paper into your classroom and making it a part of your rubric can be practical and seamless. Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Before students hand in an essay, make Essay Review a necessary first step. This will make uploading an essay routine for students and will ensure their work is polished before it lands on your desk. 
  • Incorporate Essay Review throughout the writing process. Have students upload their essay outline or first paragraphs. Tutors will help ensure that students are on the right track and provide proper guidance if students are confused or missing the mark. 
  • Remember it works for other subjects too! Essay Review isn’t limited to the humanities classroom. Students’ lab reports can be reviewed by tutors as well, meaning Essay Review can also be a staple on a STEM rubric.

With just a few easy steps Essay Review can become an integral part of your students’ learning, helping them become better writers while saving you time. 

Have you found ways to incorporate Essay Review into your rubric and classroom? We’d love to hear from you -

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