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What is Essay Review and how does it work?

Students can use Paper’s Essay Review feature to get feedback on their writing assignments. After they upload their paper, a tutor picks it up and reviews it, providing feedback and suggestions. 


What type of feedback do tutors leave for students?

Tutors will highlight areas where the student can improve and explain why. In general, they focus on global revision (content, organization, and tone), with a smaller focus on sentence-level revision (clarifying individual sentences, addressing errors in grammar and punctuation). They check to see if there are any specific, immediately obvious issues and focus on providing feedback on how to improve these when completing the review. 

Please note that the tutors will not fix every aspect of a paper. Ultimately, Paper tutors want the writer to learn, become a better writer and improve written work. Our goal is not simply to help the student improve this one particular piece of writing, but to help students improve as a writer for all future essays.


What classes can students use Essay Review for?

Students may use Paper for any written assignment. However, for technical assignments such as Lab Reports, the tutors will only give suggestions on format, structure, spelling, and grammar. If a student would like to get feedback on their calculations, they must start a Live Help session.   


How many times can students upload their paper?

While students may upload the same essay as many times as they wish, they should first fully consider all the changes that their previous tutor suggested before uploading their new draft. Tutors will not make any additional suggestions if the previous suggestions have not been addressed. 


Why are students asked to include their teacher’s instructions?

It’s important to include the teacher's instructions because the tutor who reviews the student’s essay needs to know what the teacher expects from the assignment. Without a rubric or a guideline, the tutor will only be able to give feedback on basic grammar, spelling, and punctuation. 


What file types can be uploaded to Essay Review?

The following file types are compatible with the Essay Review feature:

  1. Portable Document Format (.pdf)
  2. Microsoft Word Document (.doc)
  3. Text File (.txt)

Do tutors check citations?

Yes, all tutors are familiar with the three most common referencing styles (MLA, APA, and Chicago). If a tutor notices an error in the student’s citations, they will let them know in a comment. For example, “It looks like you are using MLA formatting for your essay! Remember that for in-text citations, you should follow the format (Author last name page number), for example (Smith 47).” 

Tutors will also check the validity and reliability of the resources that the student is citing. They will let the student know if they include a reference to something that is generally not an acceptable academic resource. For example, because websites like Wikipedia can be edited by anyone online, regardless of expertise, and personal blogs may simply state opinions without any true supporting evidence, they should never be used in an academic paper.


Do tutors check for plagiarism?

Academic integrity is extremely important. This means that we must check essays for plagiarism to ensure that the writing is in the student’s own words and citations are used appropriately when information is taken from outside resources.

Tutors will mark essays that have been potentially plagiarized using the “plagiar-eyes” tool. The badge appears on reviewed essays. It lets students and teachers know that there is work required to remove any instances of plagiarism. The teacher is also able to view that the essay has been flagged. Our goal is not to make accusations or to try and get the student in trouble. Our aim is to ensure that students understand what it means to plagiarize and how to avoid making this mistake again.

If the student has included citations throughout their essay, but they are done incorrectly, there is no need to flag for plagiarism. In this case, make sure to leave a comment letting the student know how to include proper references.

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